vineri, 19 februarie 2016

My favorite

Today i'll make a list about my first three favorites perfumes . I love to test new perfumes.

On the first place on my favorites is La vie est Belle, by Lancome, This frangrance has something special in its composition. Everytime when I wear it i feel special.

On the second place is YSL - Black Opium. It's a type of frangrance that had something misteryous and that's attract me in a beautiful way.
The third place is ocuppied by Lucia Starlight by Oriflame. It's the type of frangrance which make you remember by sunny days in springs. Personally I loved it because it has a pure cleaning smell and it persists all day. It worth it to try it. :)
These are the first three places of my lovely frangrances. Untill the next time I'm waiting for your opinions about yours favorites and recomandation about it.

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