miercuri, 24 februarie 2016

Spring Essentials

There are few days remains untill the spring coming. Before I make the list with my wardrobe essentials, I decided to clean my wardrobe.
It's a little bit hard to give up at some clothes, but if  I'm not wearing better is to giving to another whom needed it.
So I make a list with spring essentials. This spring I choose to wear pastel, white, black and neon colors.

My first choise is shirt. Always elegant, simple and very trendy. Easy to mix with another pieces.

My favorite choosen shirts for this spring are a striped red shirt by Besrshka or the another blue striped shirt by Stradivarius and the simple white shirt by Romwe. Wherever you choose, the shirt is a fresh elegant piece forever.

The second pieces are jeans or trousers.  I found three different pieces one red sarouel trouser by Stradivarius, one skinny light blue and one black jeans by Bershka. Easy to mix with shirts, t-shirts and many other chic pieces.

The third essential pieces are jacket, blazer and trench. When the wheather is not so friendly these three pieces could help you. Chic, trendy and warmy they are a must have. :)

These are my first choosen, must have pieces. You can write your opinion or recomandation about you must have, trendy essentials spring pieces. 
Until the next post you can visit http://cirja-georgiana.polyvore.com/ for another mixing spring combination.

Have a nice day! :)

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