duminică, 6 septembrie 2015

Perfect Fall

Perfect Fall

The wheater is changing, the clothes and habits too. But I love the fall for its new habits, like raining days when I stay home reading or watching movies, when I drink a good coffee with my boyfriend and friends, when I try new recipes and many other things. Fall is special  and brings beautiful moments among your loved ones. Fall is the season when you deserve to spoil yourself .

Perfect Fall

Le Ciel Bleu yellow top
240 RON - farfetch.com

Blue blouse
54 RON - pinkqueen.com

River Island tall legging
320 RON - riverisland.com

Christian Louboutin patent leather shoes
3.555 RON - christianlouboutin.com

Gucci gold cross pendant
6.335 RON - jrdunn.com

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